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Mentoring Info

What is TRIO SSS Peer Mentoring?


What is a Peer Mentor?

  • Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors, or Graduate Students
  • Provide academic motivation and encouragement
  • Knowledgeable about campus and community resources

What can a Peer Mentor do for me?

  • Help students adjust to the university setting
  • Provide information to students on available resources on campus
  • Assist students with scholarship applications and FAFSA
  • Assist students with career exploration
  • Assist students with Graduate / Professional School exploration
  • Assist with any other questions you have to help you find answers

How do I meet with my mentor?

  • Your mentor will send out weekly emails, texts, or phone calls to check in and schedule meetings
  • You can also text, call, email, or use the Mentor’s Booking Link to schedule an appointment