Academic Success Services

How can TRIO SSS help me succeed?

TRIO offers a lot to its participants.  However, it is up to you, the student, to take part and utilize all that TRIO has to offer.


Everything listed is 100% free!  All we ask of you is:

  • Meet with your TRIO Advisor
  • Attend two approved workshops, presentations, or events each semester
  • Meet with your Mentor and Tutor (tutors must be requested) as required
  • Lastly, if you need help, ask for it

We expect our students to be committed until you reach your goal of graduation!


Financial Aid

  • Help completing the FAFSA, Scholar Dollar$, and Scholarships
  • Referral assistance, help with appeals, and tons of Financial Literacy support


  • TRIO offers workshops such as College Survival, Canvas, STAR Degree Audit, FAFSA, Career Readiness, Resume Writing, Finding Co-ops and Internships, Grad School Prep, etc.

Cultural Events

  • Every semester TRIO offers opportunities for students to experience some type of performance, whether it be a play, musical, or dance production.

Equipment Loans & Scantrons

  • Need a Blue Book or Scantrons?  We got you covered.
  • Other Equipment Available:
    • Calculators,
    • iClickers
    • Voice Recorders

Computer Lab

  • A computer lab and Aggie Print Station is located in the Student Success Center (HJLC Room 128) for your convenience.